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Baldwin & Sours, Inc
Traffic Signal Control & Highway Safety Products
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3M  - Loop Detector Sealant

Athens Technical Specialist Inc.- Traffic signal control operational test equipment for conflict monitors , controllers, loop detector amplifiers, inductive loops, and more.

Eberle Design Inc.- Confict monitors, loop detector amplifiers, load switches, flashers, power supplies, BIUs.

Eltec Corp.- Environmentally hardened Time Swtches, Pager Systems, Solar Powered Flasher Control Systems

SensysNetworks - The Sensys™ Wireless Vehicle Detection System uses pavement-mounted magnetic sensors to detect the presence and movement of vehicles.

GE LUMINATION - LEDs modules for vehicle traffic signals, pedestrian signals.

GE Microwave Data Systems MDS-  Spread Spectrum Radio Wirless Communications

Global Traffic Technologies GTT  - Opticom GPS,  Opticom Infrared, Canoga Traffic Sensing

ITERIS - Vantage Video detection systems

JSF -Solar powed Beacon

Myers Power Products -  UPS Battery backup

National Sign & Signal - Fiberoptic and LED blankout signs. Illuminated street name signs.

Pelco Inc - Signal and sign mouting hardare. Astrobrac.

Polara Engineering- Vandal Resistant and Accessible Pedestrian Pushbutton detectors.

Siemens ITS - NEMA TS1 TS2 Controllers   2070 and ATC controllers   TS1 TS2 332 336 ITS cabinets Vehicle and Pedestrian Signals  Brackets Controller and Traffic System Management Software

SEPCO Solar Electric Power Systems - Modular self contained solar power assemblies.

Traffic Sensor Corp. - Load switches and flashers.

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